Wellness Events

 Divine Balance

Be guided into deep self-care + nourishment. 

A powerful 3-Hour Healing Session with 3 Healing Practitioners

  • REVIEVE | Yoga + Rhythmic Rejuvenation & Ecstatic Movement 
  • RENEW | Gentle Breathwork + Meditation 
  • HEAL | Reiki + 432 Hz & 528 Hz Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls, Pan Drum, Tuning Fork, Monochord & Ocean Drum + Hot Stones, Lavender Eye Pillow & Crystals

Ages 16+ | No experience needed | Limited Spots

Saturday, February 3    |    1-4pm – SECOND DATE added!

Soul Circle: Sunday, November 26

Supported, Connected, Aligned, Nurtured, Relaxed

Level: Beginner, All Levels

Targets: Sisterhood, Community

A Soul Circle is a safe space for you to slow down, process and explore new ways of connecting with your soul. Feel into your divine feminine energy while being supported by sisterhood. Women need a safe place to untangle from old, limiting narratives. In the circle, we are all equal. Restore your feminine heart and connect through conversations, energy and essence. This soulful circle is created to support you as you ignite your intuition. It creates unity. This offering is held once a month. Each session will be different. Soul Circles are different from our scheduled classes as it is donation-based to a local charity. Women only. 

*Please bring cash for donation


Experience a truly serene and joyful celebration with our Yoga  Parties, offering a unique blend of relaxation and fun for children and adults alike. Create a heartfelt and harmonious space where individuals of all ages can come together to feel loved, connected, and truly celebrated.

If you are looking for a tranquil and mindful alternative to a wild party, this option is a great fit for you!

    • Clean, intimate, quiet space 
    • Exclusive use of the studio
    • Promotes well-being and connection over chaos and excess 
    • No planning, no shopping for decorations, no checklists, no running around

    Pricing and options

    Zen-tastic Yoga Birthday Party


    Kid Crown Package


    • Personal yoga party instructor
    • Up to 10 children (including the birthday child) 
    • 45-minute yoga session including a child-friendly meditation, yoga poses, games, and partner poses
    • Goodie bag: Each child gets a gift of a crystal and friendship bracelet
    • $10 Gift Card to Cork & Bean (for the adult to treat themselves once the party has started)
    • One free drop-in class for a grown up who books!
    • Paper plates, napkins, balloons, tablecloth, Happy Birthday banner

    WHAT YOU CAN BRING (optional): 

    • Pizza or alternative, cake, candles, refreshments 

    Saturday & Sunday afternoons!

    Options: 1:00pm-2:30pm or 3:30pm-5:00pm

    Please email us with your ideal date and time


    Adult Crown Celebration Package


    • Personal yoga party instructor
    • Up to 10 people ($20 more/pp up to 15 total) 
    • 1-hour yoga session choosing from Yin Restore, Slow Flow or a Power Flow 
    • Soul Circle to provide a safe space for celebrating the person, allowing for authentic, heart-to-heart connections and conversations that bring people closer and create lasting, meaningful memories
    • Fostering deeper emotional connections, promoting vulnerability, and allowing participants to share their thoughts and feelings in an open, honest, and supportive environment, leading to a more authentic and enriching experience

    • Crystal goodie bags provided by Witchy Ways 
    • Balloons & Happy Birthday banner (if this applies to you)
    • Tragically Dipped Donuts!

    WHAT YOU CAN BRING (optional):   

    • Cake, food or refreshments (no alcohol) 

    Friday & Saturday nights 7 -9 pm

    Saturday & Sunday afternoons  1 -3pm or 4 – 6pm 

    Please email us with your ideal date and time

    Summer Soul Yoga and Wellness Studio has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. You feel right at home whether it's your first class or your thousandth. The space feels safe, professional, calming and non-judgemental.

    - Britney Scully

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