Welcome to Summer Soul in Peterborough!

Yoga & Wellness Classes

Our bright, light-filled yoga studio in the heart of Downtown Peterborough calls in your Summer Soul. We value authenticity, transparency, and acceptance to ensure that you feel seen, supported, and uplifted. With inspiration and compassion, we provide education and mindfulness, helping you foster expansion and well-being. At Summer Soul, we are here to help you unravel, discover your true self and embrace a life filled with joy and connection. 


Our loft studio invites you to let go of perfection and lean into peace. Your inner harmony matters. Our wide variety of classes will leave you feeling relaxed, empowered and peaceful. 

The practice of yoga, as we understand and teach it, is designed to repair, rejuvenate, and strengthen the nervous system and mind-body connection. We believe that transformation and healing happens when we repeatedly show up to the practice. Integrating yoga as a lifestyle brings health, happiness, mindfulness, joy and revitalization to your well-being.

Virtual: Radiate & Rise


How you’ll feel: Energized, Transformed, Awakened

Level: All Levels

Targets: Spiritual growth, self-awareness, energy balance, mental clarity

Soulful Glow: Slow Flow


How you’ll feel: Relaxed, Centered, Grounded

Level: All Levels

Targets: Flexibility, relaxation, stress reduction, body awareness, mindfulnesses

Stretch & Soul Yoga


How you’ll feel: Calm, Centered, Connected, Strong Sense of Self

Level: All Levels

Targets: Injury prevention, stress reduction, mental clarity, relaxation, flexibility 

Lunch Flow: Boro Bliss


How you’ll feel: Refreshed, Centered, Energetic, Compassionate, Peaceful

Level: All Levels

Targets: Stress Management, mindfulness, quality of life, joy, emotional balance

Power Flow


How you’ll feel: Invigorated, Balanced, Awakened, Free

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Targets: Strength, flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular fitness, balance, focus

Mindful Moment


How you’ll feel: Centered, Mindful, Joyful, Focused, Connected

Level: Beginner, All Levels

Targets: Stress reduction, mental clarity, mindfulness cultivation, inner balance, connection with self

Purely Pilates


How you’ll feel: Energized, Refreshed, Strengthened, Invigorated

Level: All Levels

Targets: Core muscles, postural muscles, joint health, balance and coordination 

Yin Restore


How you’ll feel: Renewed, Nurtured, Supported

Level: Beginner, All Levels

Targets: Relaxation, increases flexibility, stress reduction, mental release, fascial release, connection to inner wisdom

THe Blend

(Yoga & Pilates)


How you’ll feel: Creative, Energized, Toned, Strong, Mindful 

Level: Beginner, All Levels

Targets: Core strength, posture improvement, stress release, flexibility

Soul Circle


How you’ll feel: Supported, Connected, Aligned, Nurtured, Relaxed

Level: Beginner, All Levels

Targets: Sisterhood, Community

Summer Soul

Class Schedule


*Schedule is subject to change*


About Our Classes

Are there mirrors in the Summer Soul studio?

Nope!  With no mirrors in the studio, Summer Soul encourages an inward journey. This approach allows students to focus on feeling the postures rather than seeing them.

Where is the best place to park?

Street parking is along George St, Water St. or Hunter St.  We encourage you to get the HotSpot app and create an easy-to-use account. Or, bring change if parking during the day.

Other options: There is a municipal lot behind One Eighty on Hunter. There is also a Parking Garage on Hunter.

Parking is free on weekends and after 6pm downtown.

What range of classes does Summer Soul offer?

Classes range from beginner to advanced. We offer Slow-Flow, Power Yoga, Yin Restore, Empower Yoga, Yoga Foundations (which is great for beginners or for refining your yoga practice), and soulful practices on Sundays.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

No! We have yoga mats provided as well as bolsters, blocks and straps.  You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat if you like.

What makes Summer Soul unique compared to other yoga studios?

What sets us apart are our soulful workshops and Soul Circles. Every detail of our space and offerings supports personal journeys towards holistic well-being and a thriving spirit.

Is there a cancellation policy?

We understand that life can get busy, but we kindly ask that you cancel your class booking more than 2 hours before the scheduled start time. This allows others on the waitlist the opportunity to attend.

Late Cancellation Fee: If you cancel less than 2 hours before the class, a $6 late cancellation fee will be charged to your account.

No-Show Fee: If you do not show up for a booked class without canceling, a $12 no-show fee will be charged to your account.

Who are the founders of Summer Soul and what is their vision?

Ashley Woollacott is the founder and had a company called Practice, Play, Namaste that began in 2016.  Our founders aim to bring the top and most soulful yoga and health professionals to The Kawarthas. They have created a community rooted in tradition, health, and mindfulness. Their dedication is to offer the best, most authentic yoga to the community, and to place Peterborough on the map of health and wellness.

What is the temperature for yoga classes at Summer Soul?

All classes are held at room temperature.