Who We Are

About Summer Soul

Discover the true essence of well-being at Summer Soul. Here, our yoga sessions are more than just poses—they’re a gateway to self-empowerment and joy. Our commitment to authenticity ensures you always feel valued and embraced. Dive into an experience that enhances your growth, boosts your happiness, and connects you to a supportive community. Choose Summer Soul: where every moment enriches your life.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a soulful experience for individuals to cultivate holistic well-being. We aren’t here to do more, we are here to feel more. 

Our Values

Joy, expression, self-care, emotions, sisterhood, healing, soul-centered relationships, organic evolution, manifesting and universal connection

We Value Community

  • Children’s mental health and well-being are a priority
  • Creating inclusive spaces: Inviting men to connect with their souls
  • Promoting equality and empowering women
  • We support your whole journey
  • Our Soul Circles are donation-based and give back to the community

What Makes Us Different

  • We are a yoga studio without mirrors. We prioritize your inner experience over external appearance. 
  • There’s no hierarchy; we honour each person as equal human beings on their journey of learning and unlearning.
  • Your soul has guidance; You just need to listen 
  • We feel Summer state of mind: where every moment is filled with possibility
  • Our savasana are heart-felt and soulful (we may offer essential oils to the temples)
  • We honour each person as equal human beings; there is no hierarchy here; we are all learning and unlearning 
  • Our Soul Circles are powerful and unique 
  • We hold space for soul connection 
  • Yoga is a lifestyle not a class 
  • Skip the coffee, we have an energy fizz bar for just $2/drink

Summer Is A State Of Mind

Rejuvenate your spirit at Summer Studio in the heart of downtown Peterborough. Here’s why you’ll love every moment with us:

  • Personal Sanctuary: Nestled in a historic loft with enchanting tin ceilings, our space becomes your serene escape.
  • Embrace Your True Self: Our atmosphere cherishes authenticity. Feel the freedom of being wholly you.
  • Deep Connections: Merge with nature’s rhythm and foster profound connections both internally and externally.
  • Community Support: You’re surrounded by a community that uplifts and supports your well-being journey.
  • Empowerment & Freedom: Our practices ignite your inner strength, letting you experience genuine freedom in every pose.
  • Purposeful Environment: From our design to our classes, everything is tailored to nurture your growth, clarity, and peace.

Experience Summer Studio: Where every session is a step towards a more centered, joyful, and empowered you.

Your Transformation:

Meet The Team

Our Teachers

Ashley Woollacott- Owner

Welcome to a dream come true! I’m thrilled to offer a soulful yoga space in my hometown, where I fell in love with rowing and the tranquility of water. Now, I proudly stand as one of Peterborough’s SUP YOGA pioneers. Rowing ignited my passion, power, teamwork, and healing. Summers in British Columbia planted the seeds of mindful living in my heart. 

Life brought me back here after university, and I stumbled into my first yoga class. In that moment, yoga became the bridge between my athletic and spiritual worlds, evolving into a lifestyle. It supported me through my wedding day, becoming a step-mom, through both pregnancies, and supports me now in my busy, hectic life. 

As a busy school teacher and devoted mom, I embarked on Yoga Teacher Training, creating a soulful home for my children and staying grounded as a parent. Through yoga I found passion, purpose, inspiration, and guidance. Lately, I’ve heard “Bruh” more than “Mama” from my kids, and just like you, I’m experiencing these evolving roles. This studio helps me ground myself in the present and practice gratitude, and I want it to do the same for you.

I used to believe I had to fly away or move to BC to create the life I desired, but I’ve unlearned that. Over time, I realized that everything we seek is possible right here and now. The life of your dreams is within reach, and this studio is here to help you find it.

Kevin Woollacott: Co-Owner & Studio Manager 

Thrilled to co-own Summer Soul Yoga & Wellness during my 200 Hour YTT journey, I’m on a mission to redefine masculinity in yoga. My wellness journey began with meditating at 16 and took a yogic turn on my honeymoon in Aruba, where I discovered the transformative teachings of “Yoga Girl” Rachel Brathen. As a former soccer and hockey player, yoga’s benefits for athletes, from building mindfulness to preventing injuries, became clear.

Yoga evolved beyond a pre-game ritual into a lifestyle, shaping my perspective on wellness and life. Leveraging my background in teaching and working with Queen’s University Teacher Candidates, I’ll bring diverse classes to the studio, starting with slow flows and expanding into unique themes like Harry Styles yoga. This community believes in the inclusivity of yoga—where everyone is free to be themselves. Yoga is not about being a human pretzel. I’m not the most flexible, but I’ve realized that yoga is about finding balance, both on and off the mat.


Bonnie Carl

I am a passionate holistic mama of 2 beautiful souls, whose life’s passion is supporting and empowering women to embrace their own power in healing.

My full time work is as a certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher (Vichara Yoga School), Reiki Practitioner & Bach Flower Therapist with additional certifications and continued education in Psychology & Social Work, Holistic Nutritionist (CSNN), Ayurveda, Trauma Informed Yoga, Breathwork, Somatic Nervous System Work, Ayurvedic Head Massage, Marma Point Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage & Arivigo Therapy. 

I have offered this soul filling work within local agencies and schools in the city, as well as in my own studio for 6 years. I am currently most passionate about Energetic Body Work & Somatic Healing Practices, which I share during 1:1 sessions at Bloom Health, as well as in classes, workshops & Women’s Retreats. Each fall and winter I also guide Forest Immersions, which fill up my soul!

My favourite things: walking barefoot in the woods, conversations with strangers, the smell before a storm, the quiet after a snowfall.

Cameron Maly

My journey with yoga began while I was away studying at university. I was struggling immensely with my mental health, and my best friend (and mother) encouraged me to roll out my mat to find a sense of stability at a time that I felt I was lacking. Here I found peace, a place of relaxation, free from judgment, competition and pressure. I found my happy place, a place to love myself. After feeling the gifts that yoga brought into my life, I knew this was a feeling that I wanted to share with others, and something that I could hope to offer those who may be struggling in any part of their over well-being. I completed my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Loft in Lindsay, Ontario. This was a 10 month journey where I learned more than I could have imagined, all of which I am honored and overjoyed to bring to each class that I teach. I teach Hatha and Vinyasa, as well as Mat Pilates!

Erin Hellier

I have been practicing yoga for ten years and recently obtained my trauma-informed teacher certification. I have lived in Peterborough for the last 7 years, work full time in a dental office, and am a full-time single mother. The healing nature of yoga has helped me overcome my own trauma and has led me down a path of recovery. I truly believe that yoga and meditation, along with somatic practices, can help to heal the body and, in turn, the mind.

I look forward to sharing my practice and knowledge of yin yoga, along with meditation and breathwork, with all participants at Summer Soul.

New here? Summer 2024 Intro Offer!

Any class, any time; An irresistible introductory offer for those new to Summer Soul. Only for the month of May, experience and explore as many classes as you’d like for 30 days from the date of purchase. Get to know our studio, classes, teachers and soulful vibe.

Silver Timbers 

I have had a long interest in energy work that connects body, mind, and spirit. I was a Tai Chi instructor for many years while living in Lindsay and later in Apsley. During that time I also had the opportunity to participate in sweat lodges and full moon or new moon circles. While living in my log home in the woods outside Apsley, I became a Reiki Master in 1996. A return to school interrupted my focus on energy life, as I worked toward my PhD in history. I currently teach part-time at Trent University. After graduating, I had a chance to get my first training in yoga in India in 2015, in the Shivananda style. The next year I travelled to Thailand to learn the Ashtanga sequence. In 2017 I did my third 200 hour teacher training in Nepal. I also studied Yin yoga with Bernie Clark in Vancouver. I first started teaching yoga in Pedasi, Panama, where I converted the car port of my little house into a studio. By this time, I was hooked on travelling but managed to teach classes at the Moksha studio and the Peterborough Wellness Centre when I was home in the summers. I have also been able to maintain my creative inclinations, moving from being a Master Weaver to making sterling silver jewellery. My favourite things in life are cats, goats, hot weather, classic VW Beetles, and beach cruiser bicycles. And yoga!!!

Kate Astrom 

I’m a Peterborough native, born and raised with the rhythm of competitive dance in my veins. Movement has always been my thing—it’s how I stay vibrant. High school introduced me to my first yoga class, thanks to none other than Ashley, our awesome studio owner. Can you believe it all came full circle, and now I’m part of this amazing team?

That first yoga class was a game-changer. Seriously, I walked out feeling at peace with myself mentally and physically, in a way I’d never experienced. Since then, yoga has become my outlet to manage my stress and practice self-care. In 2020, I got my 200hr RYT certification.

This past summer, I also was inspired by Ashley to get my SUP yoga certification! I have always loved being on the water, this was the perfect opportunity to combine my two passions, yoga and paddle boarding together!

There’s much more to me than yoga—I’m a proud graduate of Queen’s University with a degree in Psychology, aiming to fulfill my dream as a counsellor. Living that holistic lifestyle, I’m all about nature hikes with my dog Jazzy and even scored my essential oils certification. 

Can’t wait to meet you all on the mat and dive into the good vibes of Summer Soul.


Dana Longhurst

I am so happy your journey brought you here!

My name is Dana and I practice/teach yoga in Peterborough & The Kawarthas, located in the Treaty 20 Michi Saagiig territory. 

I am blessed to live among the beautiful nature in Young’s Point with my husband, our two daughters and our sweet boxer. I am a creative person, loving connection, and all things magical. 

I found yoga 8 years ago in this space through a good friend. I was a recently single mom, looking to find myself again – and I did. Yoga gave me the space to explore my mind, my true self with grace and empathy. I loved having a space to freely move through the asanas, with the support of the community – but also time to regulate my emotions through restorative and yoga nidra. 

As I travelled along this journey, I found so many other practices and parts of myself, while really working on my inner child work. I kept thinking after every practice how incredible it would have been to have found yoga at a yoga age. I practiced with my yoga daughters every chance I could get and when the opportunity arose to take my 200 YTT it felt like a light bulb moment where everything aligned.  During this time, I decided working with children was to be my first step on this path. I paused and took a 50-hour Children’s Yoga Teacher Training, developed an 8 week volunteer program and started teaching at our local school. It was the most heart-warming and fulfilling experience, motivating me to continue this journey even more. 

The alignment of community, emotional support, welcoming spaces ultimately has brought me to Summer Soul! I am so excited to continue to learn, develop ways to serve our community and support our youth through this new role.

I can’t wait to meet you – Namaste.

Becca Eadie

Hello everyone! 

I am a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified instructor, breath work guide, and Registered Practical Nurse. My approach to life and wellness is guided by a holistic scope, acknowledging all aspects of life, and living into the human experience. 

My passion for health and wellness began as young as I can remember, however I really started to make impactful changes around 2012. Over my 10 years of dedicated yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices I have had the opportunity to take classes both in person and online which allowed me to build a community of like minded individuals. I came upon an opportunity to complete yoga teacher training and reiki from 2022-2023. I hope to continue deepening my practice through trainings and travel. 

My teaching style is a balanced mix of anatomy, alignment & yoga philosophy while also leading intuitively, creative & empowering classes. My aim is to encourage students to give back to themselves through self care and compassion, while exploring energetic, emotional, and physical states of the body and mind through deeper awareness and knowing. 

I am a big believer in empowering individuals to live life to the fullest, reminding us all of our capabilities, and trying things outside of society’s norms!

When I’m not on my mat, you can find me out exploring nature, taking extra courses and workshops or spending time with my friends and family. 

I am so honoured to be leading yoga and offering energetic reiki 1-1 appointments with the Peterborough community. 

Can’t wait to see you on your mat or treatment table!

Kait Howell

I am a 500-hour certified yoga teacher whose personal yoga journey started over 15 years ago in a small university classroom.

I aim to lead classes with a sense of curiosity, encouragement and authenticity. You can expect to find strength, mobility and a sense of play. I hope that each class helps you to foster a deeper connection with yourself. 

When I’m not teaching yoga you can find me crafting web series and digital films or running around the park with my two young daughters. 

Jess Gascon

I’m a yoga enthusiast originally from Mississauga, with a background in competitive volleyball. My journey in sports began at the age of 11, navigating the beach volleyball scene and eventually finding success as a youth coach with multiple national championship titles.

During my college days as a setter for the province’s top team, yoga entered my life as a complement to our training program. Initially drawn to its physical aspects, it wasn’t until I discovered the depth of yoga that it truly captured my heart.

In 2021, I decided to turn my passion into a path by completing my Yoga Teacher Training (200hr). Yoga, for me, is not just a physical practice; it’s a philosophy that has allowed me to understand and embrace my authentic self. It’s been a source of healing for my body, mind, and soul, and I’m excited to share this transformative experience in my classes.

I bring a touch of creativity to my sequencing, offering a “spicy” practice with options to challenge yourself or take it easy. I believe in empowering you to listen to your body, providing the space to make choices that suit you best because, after all, you know your body better than anyone else.

Ian Toms

As a turbulent teen, I noticed spending time in nature and physical activity brought me home to myself again and again. I didn’t understand the how or why, but I did understand that I was on the right path. Reflecting back over the decades, I know I had to pass through that time on my journey to here. Over the years, I have passed through a university education in biology, spent decades as an endurance athlete, guided thousands of fitness classes as a YMCA Certified Fitness Instructor. I have enjoyed leading yoga classes for many years based on 500 hour certified yoga teacher training in the Krishnamacharya (Ashtanga) tradition. I continue to practice engaged mindfulness in the Plum Village Buddhist tradition and have received the Five Mindfulness Trainings. Aware of the peace and joy yoga practice can bring, I am committed to relieving suffering in others. I enjoy sharing theme-based classes designed to guide new and experienced practitioners through meaningful and useful learning opportunities to explore and reintegrate mind and body. Classes are practical, offering deeper understanding of yoga, exploration of asana sequencing, and learning and practicing classical asana form and variations. I aspire to offer classes that are inclusive to celebrate each person’s exquisite uniqueness and accommodate all levels of interest and ability. Away from the studio, I have enjoyed personal yoga practice for many years. I enjoy studying the baroque and silver flute, paddling my canoe, riding gravel trails and sharing time with two grown daughters and domestic partner.

Contribute To The Wellness Journey

Join Our Team

Feeling drawn to become part of our team? We would love to hear from you! Together, we can journey towards intentionally igniting our power and offering a soulful transformation to ourselves and others.

Part-Time Contract Opportunities for those with their 200-hour yoga teacher training (from a Yoga Alliance accredited school)

What we are looking for: 

During Yoga Classes: 

  • Soulful meditations 
  • Smiles 
  • Experience and confidence
  • Inspiring, empowering yoga class
  • Connection with students
  • Great listening and conversational skills 
  • Modifications so everyone can feel comfortable

Personal Growth: 

  • Yoga inspired lifestyle 
  • Committed to supporting others’ journeys